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Property Management

Our Agency provides property management services. There is often the feasibility to rent out the property purchased during the absence of the owners in a country. The tourist season lasts all year round in Spain, but summer vacation attracts the largest number of tourists. Private houses are popular with tourists with many children or in a case of vacation taken by several families. Apartments are also in demand with tourists, but most owners are willing to grant apartments on long-term rent.

Prices are quite high in a summer season. Private houses are rented out for 900 to 1,500 euros per week, which is the most demanded price category. Houses rented out for 2,500 to 4,000 euros per week have the status of luxury real estate and are in demand with the VIP tourists. Luxury private houses cost 8,000 to 20,000 euros per week, and in some cases up to 30,000 euros, in the most expensive districts of Barcelona and Marbella.

Apartments are rented out at prices of 350 euros to 6,000 euros per week. A price range depends also on the time of vacation, luxury status of housing and area of location.

We were instructed to explore the possibility of renting a private house of 100 square meters with a land plot of 500 square meters, which is located 400 meters from the shore for a summer period.

After having examined the house, its interior and furniture design, we recommended some refurbishment in order to improve the quality of housing. The Customer agreed to our recommendations, and the entire house was refurbished. Each room – three bedrooms and a living-room – were individually decorated. Refurbishment changed the interior of the house radically, which had quite a positive impact on the demand for it among tourists.

A rental proposal was posted on one of the well-known portals for private property owners. Requests were forwarded to the owner of the house, who made decisions to book the house for specific tourists. Money for the booking and full payment was transferred on the owner’s account.

It should be noted that in the practice of real estate agencies, in cases of similar property management, a landlord does not have any information about tourists and rental periods. Money for the tourist season is received by a landlord at its end, and the settlement is made by an agency rather than a landlord. Therefore, cases of abuse of owners are not uncommon.

In our case, an abuse is absolutely out of question because only an owner receives payment for the rent on his own account. All costs for maintenance and cleaning the housing are borne by the owner of property upon presentation of a calculation agreed in advance.

In this example, a house is rented out in a summer period from mid-June to mid-September at a price of 900 to 1,300 euros per week.

Estate in Miengo
660 000.00 €
Cottage in Asturias
850 000.00 €
Cottage in Bilbao
780 000.00 €

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